• Has your private or personal information been published on social media sites or online?
  • Has a photograph or video footage of you been published without your consent?
  • Has your organisation’s confidential information been leaked online or to the press?
  • Are you concerned that someone is going to publish your private or confidential information online or in the press?
  • Would you like assistance to publish confidently online without legal risk?


Publication of your private information

It can be extremely upsetting if a private, or even intimate, photo or video of you or your personal information is posted online without your consent. We can take steps, via legal proceedings if necessary, to obtain urgent removal of the material from the internet and to prevent further postings. We can also target social media platforms and internet service providers, as well as search engines, to seek removal of the material and/or remove links to it from search engine results. As well as seeking compensation for you if appropriate if we consider that a criminal offence may have been committed, we can make representations to the Police and/or CPS on your behalf where appropriate.

Disgruntled employee or ex-employee

If you consider that a current or ex-employee may be responsible for the leak or threatened leak, then we can take steps to help discover the identity of the individual in question and then to prevent the leak, seeking compensation where appropriate.

Leak or threatened leak of confidential information

Where appropriate we can seek an urgent order from the Court on your behalf to prevent publication of your confidential information. We have substantial experience in bringing and defending injunction applications to restrain publication of private or confidential information. If the information has already been published then we can issue legal proceedings for breach of confidence with a view to removing the confidential material, obtaining undertakings not to republish and/or damages from the perpetrator.

If the posting is anonymous, we can work with forensic IT investigators and/or  seek a court order where appropriate, to discover  the identity of and seek redress from anonymous users who have misused your private information or confidential information.

We can also liaise with the media on your behalf to help prevent threatened publication of private and/or confidential information.


Free initial legal consultation

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