• Have your photographs been used online or copied without your consent?
  • Has a false social media account, profile or email address been opened in your or your organisation’s name?
  • Is a third party using your domain name?
  • Is another company using your company’s name or trademark?
  • Has your company’s data, content or information been stolen by an unknown person or ex-employee?
  • Has your writing, artwork, computer game, design, image, film, recording or music or product been copied by someone else without your consent?

Social media posts and domain names can infringe intellectual property rights. We are experienced at advising on copyright infringement, trademark infringement, ‘passing off’ and design rights in order to protect our clients’ reputations and brands.

Copying of your work

If your  photograph, writing, artwork, design or music have been used without your consent, we can advise you on whether your copyright has been infringed andtake steps on your behalf to prevent further infringement and obtain damages. We can also intervene to help prevent misuse of your company’s intellectual property by an employee or ex-employee, including seeking compensation where appropriate. Laura has successfully represented many companies in copyright disputes, including protecting the rights of famous characters and designs.  She has acted for a composer in a music copyright litigation and for prominent clinics. We can also assist if you have been accused of copyright infringement.

Fake or imposter social media accounts

If someone has set up a false social media account posing as you or your company, or misleading followers into believing the account is authorised or endorsed by you, we can take appropriate action on your behalf. This may include seeking a court order to prevent trading on your reputation and seeking damages. We can also advise you whether we consider that a criminal offence may have been committed.

Cybersquatting & use of your company’s name

If your company’s name is used online without permission it could amount to an infringement of your rights. It may have been used by a third party in a domain name or deceptively incorporated into a social media account. We can take action to prevent further infringement and obtain damages where appropriate. We can also assist you if another company accuses you of taking their domain name. Laura has represented clients in a major domain name dispute including participating in the Nominet resolution procedure.  She has also represented clients in mediations with major brand owners.

Copycat brand or products

If products are produced or advertised online by another that are confusingly similar to your company’s products, then we can advise you on your options to prevent the third-party profiting from the goodwill in your brand. Laura has acted for major companies in intellectual property disputes to prevent infringement of their rights and brand and has defended clients who have been accused of infringement.

Free initial legal consultation

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