Social media risks

The internet and social media have brought incredible advances in information sharing and communications. However, an online or social media posting can also cause long term damage to personal and business reputations and brands. Unfortunately, at the click of a button, reputations can be ruined, private information can be misused, and brands can be undermined.

Within an instant a harmful message can ‘go viral’ and a private image can be shared publicly on the internet. Employers can also be responsible in law for their employee’s social media misuse.

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How can NetRights help?

We act quickly and effectively to protect your reputation, brand and rights. We will consider a broad range of legal causes of action including defamation, misuse of private information, breach of confidence, infringement of intellectual property rights, harassment and data protection to provide a practical response strategy that meets your priorities.

NetRights can work with forensic IT investigators where required to provide a comprehensive solution to your problem. As well as social media and online, we can help with all types of media management including print and broadcasting. We can also help to protect your organisation from the risks of social media misuse.

In short, we offer real support in a virtual world.

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