As a social sciences graduate with a previous career in the areas of policy development, health and disabilities Alexis went on to complete her academic training in law at City University, London before qualifying as a Barrister at the Inns of Court School of Law and admitted as a Solicitor in 2004. She has developed extensive experience over the past 13 years and acts in the area of disputes against business, over land, over estates and inheritance and property disputes.


Alexis works with clients to avoid litigation where possible as resolving disputes need not always involve court proceedings. Where litigation is necessary she remains committed to achieving good outcomes and has a practical approach focused to her clients interests.

Alexis previously worked for a busy law firm in London before joining Woollcombe Yonge in Plymouth and then Cox Burley in Liskeard. She was thrilled to be able to move to live in Cornwall and be near her family when the chance arose.