Recovery & Turnaround Strategies That Work

Our business environment is more competitive than ever before and taxation laws and the financial climate are ever-changing.  It is no wonder then that clients need help with managing their financial resources from time to time.

Often much can be done to support a business which is struggling and with realistic advice, re-structuring and good management it can be set on the road to recovery.  Turnaround strategies and voluntary arrangements can enable fundamentally sound companies to recover from temporary set-backs due to unforeseen circumstances.

Sometimes you may need help recovering large sums of money that are owed to your firm and our team can advise on whether a case is worth pursuing and the best way to proceed where action is viable  We can also explain how to minimise damages due to loss or recover funds through other means where normal repayment is not possible.

Alleviating The Burden

In other cases, sadly, a business may have to either go into administration or be declared insolvent and thereby liquidated.  Understanding the difference between these two and the choices each gives can be crucial to company directors, and we can work with you to decide which is likely to be realistic and to form the best solution.  We can also help you through the process of following the correct procedure to ensure that assets and liabilities are as effectively handled as possible – the end result is formed from a spectrum of possibilities and even where liquidation is necessary it should be possible to alleviate the burden.

The key to success in any situation where finances are out of control or on a negative trend is to act quickly and decisively, before the situation deepens.  Whether your solution requires restructuring or litigation, administration or final liquidation, we will help you find the most positive path to protect the interests of your company and the people within it as much as possible.